Former CIA Officer Joe Goldberg turned thriller writer

Former CIA Officer Joe Goldberg turned thriller writer

Joe Goldberg always wanted to write. Even when he was working for the CIA as a Covert Action Officer. But he pressed on, working to bring down the bad guys as they tried to foil justice.

Then, working as a Corporate Intelligence Director for Motorola, he received the Meritorious Award, recognized for significant contributions to the intelligence profession. And yet, his yearning to craft a thriller remained a dream.

Finally, after many agent passes, he decided to carve his own path, and in 2014, did so, crafting his first self-published novel Secret Wars: An Espionage Story.

It wasn't until this year (2021), and with the growing popularity of self-publishing, he took another leap of faith and published The Spy Devils.

Joe feels he's in the groove with a popular protagonist, a band of crafty characters, and a genuinely thrilling theme.

Please join me as I sit down with Joe in this latest episode of The Thriller Zone Podcast.

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