Amina Akhtar, author of KISMET
The Thriller ZoneJuly 18, 2022x
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Amina Akhtar, author of KISMET

Rarely does a book come along that has you scratching your head and saying, "Wait, what did I just read?" I won't ruin the surprise. Join me in welcoming Amina Akhtar as my guest on today's 77th Episode and a "Special Addition" of The Thriller Zone.

Amina brings high energy and fashionable insights to the podcast with her latest novel, KISMET, her viciously funny thriller about the world of WELLNESS, as well as the smoothies, the secrets, and the deliciously deadly impulses; all of which make this thriller a fast 'n fun read.

Join me and Amina, aka "Drrramina," as we chat Sedona Arizona, spas, fashion, talking ravens, inquisitive coyotes, and of course, "Miss Beanie," her superstar pup with her own Instagram account!

To learn more visit: and follow her on both Twitter & Instagram @drrramina (don't forget the 3 r's).

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