Andrews-Wilson, Dynamic Duo of Thriller Writing
The Thriller ZoneJanuary 13, 2022x
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Andrews-Wilson, Dynamic Duo of Thriller Writing

On today’s podcast, I’m happy to welcome the dynamic writing duo of Andrews-Wilson. Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson make up the team who have created a number of exceptionally engaging characters in a number of series.

Those series include: Tier One, Sons of Valor, Shepherd Series, and the Presidential Agent Series.

On today’s show, we’ll discuss one of their more recent books: ROGUE ASSET, the latest in the WEB Griffin Series.

Given this is a repeat performance for these guys—both of whom have become friends—I hesitate to pontificate about all the awards and magazine covers and TV deals and multi-series deals in the making and so forth.

Instead, I’d rather you stop reading and start listening to one of the more enjoyable podcasts of the new year.

So, strap in, pour yourself a tasty beverage and let’s get into The Thriller Zone.

To learn more, visit:, follow them on Twitter @BAndrewsJWilson on Instagram & Facebook @andrewsandwilson

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