Chris Hauty, author of The Devil You Know
The Thriller ZoneMay 17, 2023x
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Chris Hauty, author of The Devil You Know

On today's 133rd episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to hang out with a significant thriller author who has become a good friend. Chris Hauty, creator of the Haley Chill Series, is unleashing his latest book on May 23rd.

Chris and I sat down together, face-to-face even, at my old friend Jonathan Ayala's studios in Glendale, CA. Thanks Jonathan.

This was my first in-person podcast with an author since launching this show nearly two years ago. Fun fact: our 2-year anniversary will be next month, in mid-June, and we kick off Season 5 around the July 4th Holiday.

Hanging out with Chris, you always know you're in for some laughs. His off-the-cuff demeanor, and don't-take-anything-too-seriously attitude always guarantees a good time. But he also dishes some very tasty nuggets of truths, especially for would-be writers. My favorite?

Chris says, "Don't Be Boring." I like that. In fact, I've just launched a new line of #dontbeboring t-shirts. You'll be able to get one soon.

If you're a fan of page-turning thrillers, and as you'll learn in this episode, I feel this is Chris' best work to date, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy. Should you have read his other Haley Chill books? Not necessarily, but it certainly helps. And if you were to only read two? I'd say THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, but first DEEP STATE, which is the (debut) book that got the attention of publisher Emily Bestler, and launched his writing career.

Yes, Chris has another book in the works, and if you'd like to learn more about Chris, follow his career and books, and be a part of his social media, visit: Also, special thanks to David Brown at Simon & Schuster for helping bring Chris to the show.

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