Fabian Nicieza, author of The Self-Made Widow
The Thriller ZoneAugust 01, 2022x
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Fabian Nicieza, author of The Self-Made Widow

The first thing you notice and appreciate about today's guest is his upbeat energy, and his good-natured spirit. Then you find out his three-decade-plus experience in the publishing & writing, and comic book universe.

Yes, Fabian Nicieza is both a two-time thriller writer of both The Self-Made Widow, his latest, and the Edgar-nominated debut Suburban .

Today's 81st episode of The Thriller Zone is fast, energetic, funny, relatable, educational, and flat-out inspiring!

Carve out an hour and enjoy this conversation, as I dig deep into the business mind of Fabian, discover the comedic and thrilling inspiration behind The Self-Made Widow, and a lot more.

Oh, did I mention how Fabian is the Co-Creator of one of my favorite comic book heroes of all time? DEADPOOL! Yeah, Ryan Reynolds was Fabian's idea.

Enjoy the show, then learn more at FabianNicieza.com and follow him on Twitter @fabiannicieza and on Instagram @fnicieza

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