Gina Panettieri, agent at Talcott-Notch Literary
The Thriller ZoneSeptember 05, 2022x
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Gina Panettieri, agent at Talcott-Notch Literary

On today's 92nd Episode of The Thriller Zone, we not only celebrate Labor Day Weekend here in the US, but we're providing a Bonus Episode of this podcast. Today, we meet Super Agent Gina Panettieri.

It's been fun to branch out in the world of Thriller Fiction, and today we have a special treat as we get the inside scoop on the world of Agenting.

Gina is the President of Talcott-Notch Literary, in Milford, CT. I have several friends whom she represents, and they say she's kind, hard-working, and a real tribute to her craft.

I'm stoked because if you know me, I've been writing for many years, but have not had the confidence to seek agent representation. Until now.

Gina opens my mind to many things, as she provides an insider's look into the Business of Writing.

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