J. D. Barker, New York Times Bestselling Author
The Thriller ZoneJanuary 27, 2022x
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J. D. Barker, New York Times Bestselling Author

Today, The Thriller Zone welcomes New York Times Bestselling Author J. D. Barker to discuss his latest book, The Noise; a collaboration with author James Patterson.

In this 43rd Episode of TheThrillerZone.com, we come to learn a great deal about how to craft a career in thriller writing, and what it's like to work alongside one of the most prolific authors of this generation. We also learn, thanks to JD, some of the secrets of success from other prolific authors like Dean Koontz.

As you might guess, JD has a litany of books behind him, a stack of books on the way, as well as TV Shows & Movies in the making. Yes, JD is one more busy fella.

So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, or lock down those headphones because you're in for a ride.

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