Joey Hartstone, author of The Local
The Thriller ZoneJune 13, 2022x
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Joey Hartstone, author of The Local

On today's 70th Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to introduce you to debut author, Joey Hartstone.

If you recognize his name, it may be because he is the screenwriter to the films: LBJ and Shock & Awe, both starring Woody Harrelson, and directed by Rob Reiner. And if you're as big a geek as I am, who loves to discover the writers behind hit TV Series, then you may know him from The Good Fight (2017), and Your Honor (2020).

On this month's "Discovering New Authors," I'm stoked to sit down and chat both screenwriting and novel writing, and given this is Joey's first foray into thriller novel writing, I'm especially excited to see what he's learned so far, as well as is excited to see ahead.

Besides talking craft, there are more than a few names dropped on today's show; sure, like Woody Harrelson and Rob Reiner, but also other writers we both admire and are following. They include: Mark Greaney, Don Bentley, Eric Bishop, Chris Hauty, Don Winslow, Dean Koontz and Meg Gardiner.

It's always cool to meet people "on their way up," and while Joey is already well up the successful screenwriting ladder, this book will surely help catapult him into the arena of John Grisham lovers.

The Local goes on sale tomorrow (6.14), and I encourage you to pick up a copy.

To learn more, visit: and follow him on both Twitter and Instagram @jchartstone.

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