Kent Krueger New York Times Bestselling Author
The Thriller ZoneNovember 05, 2021x
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Kent Krueger New York Times Bestselling Author

Today marks the second episode of the week in our Two-Shows-a-Week for the entire month of Thanks-For-Giving-Your-Support November.

On Monday, we spoke with William Boyle, and today’s special guest is New York Times Bestselling Author, William Kent Krueger.

With 18 books—9 of which are New York Times Bestsellers, along with no less than 17 award-winning short stories, Kent Krueger is a prolific writer, but even more? He’s one heckuva nice guy with a kind spirit and profound insights on stories and the human condition.

I’m confident you'll enjoy today’s podcast, and will enjoy his latest hit, LIGHTNING STRIKE. It really is a superb novel.

Okay, let’s get to it in The Thriller Zone!

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