Lee Goldberg, author of Malibu Burning
The Thriller ZoneSeptember 04, 2023x
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Lee Goldberg, author of Malibu Burning

On today's 147th episode of The Thriller Zone, I could not be more stoked to welcome the legendary Hollywood Writer/Producer and New York Times Bestselling Author Lee Goldberg.

There are talented guys who aren't always nice. And there are nice guys who aren't always talented. Then you meet someone like Lee who is both super talented and couldn't be nicer.

Bonus? He has some of the best writing advice to offer our audience yet. Sure, some of it you've heard before. And yes, a couple of points make you say, "Well, of course." But I would challenge you to dig deep, do your homework, LISTEN to his advice, INCORPORATE it into your own mind and writing. Then sit back and watch your quality SOAR.

Lee and I chat about "The Hollywood Machine," especially as it pertains to the current WGA writer's strike, what makes Hollywood tick, where some of those people on the inside are out of their minds because they're missing the point, not to mention the fact that GREED still continues to run the machine of Hollywood.

Trust me, this is one of the very best and most insightful podcasts since this show's launch. It's well worth the investment of an hour and change. If you'd like to learn more visit: LeeGoldberg.com

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I'm David Temple your host, thank you for listening and I look forward to connecting with you again on another episode of The Thriller Zone!

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