Marc Cameron, New York Times Bestselling Author
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Marc Cameron, New York Times Bestselling Author

On the 61st Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm honored to sit down with New York Times Bestselling Author, Marc Cameron.

Marc has an epic number of novels under his belt which include: 10 Jericho Quinn novels, 5 Tom Clancy Novels, and 4 Arliss Cutter Novels. Yeah, with 3 series and oodles of stories to still tell, Marc shows no signs of slowing down.

In this show, Marc and I discuss a host of topics, from huntin' 'n fishin' to boatin' 'n flyin'. We chat the magic of getting an agent, the art of outlining, and what it takes to make a living as a writer.

We also discuss the life of a US Marshal, what nearly 30 years in that business is/was like, and what he has on the horizon.

Plus, Marc keeps it real in our #RapidFireQuestions round with some answers you may expect, and others you don't see coming.

All in all, this was an outstanding time with a writer who has the magic touch, and left me with the feeling of having a new friend.

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