Our One-Year Anniversary Special
The Thriller ZoneJune 30, 2022x
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Our One-Year Anniversary Special

On today's 73rd episode, we celebrate our One-Year Anniversary of The Thriller Zone!

And how does one celebrate 12 months and 73 episodes? By inviting a small handful of friends who happen to be among the best authors in the world. Those special guests include: Meg Gardiner, Chris Hauty, Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson of Andrews-Wilson, Joe Goldberg, Joey Hartstone, Peter Farris, Mark Westmoreland, and my old pal, Sean O'Rourke.

There's an extra special guest, my co-host for the show, my lovely & talented wife, Tammy, and several special guests make surprise appearances, as you'll see halfway through the show.

So, pour yourself a bubbly--we're having one ourselves, and enjoy a look back over the past 12 months, as well as looking forward to see what "The Thriller Zone 2.0" will look like.

I must finish by saying, THANK YOU, for making these past 12 months so freakin' memorable. THANK YOU for the kind comments, the social media follows, the Likes, the Retweets, the emails, the Subscribes to our YouTube Channel, and the very kind & gracious 5-star Reviews.

But also a BIG THANK YOU for listening, supporting and sharing in my first love of radio, or as this new digital age calls it, "Podcasting."

Finally, a hearty THANK YOU to the fine sponsors who have been with me and supported this show: AuthorBytes.com and WritersBlockCoffee.com. If you're looking for a stellar website host for your Author's website, consider AuthorBytes, where a one-year contract gets you 3 Months FREE by using the code: TheThrillerZone. Likewise, if you're a coffee lover (and who isn't), try their roast-to-order & shipped-to-your-door delicious coffee. Using the code: TheThrillerZone you can get 15% off your first order.

Okay, with all that aside, let's enjoy The One-Year Anniversary of The Thriller Zone, now available at TheThrillerZone.com and on all podcast channels.

Be sure to stick around to the end of the show and learn some of the fantastic guests we'll be having on the show in July and throughout the end of the summer!

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