Rachel Howzell Hall, author of What Never Happened
The Thriller ZoneJune 28, 2023x
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Rachel Howzell Hall, author of What Never Happened

On today's 138th episode of The Thriller Zone, now in our FIFTH SEASON, we welcome the smart, engaging, and incredibly talented New York Times Bestselling Author, Rachel Howzell Hall.

Rachel joins me today to discuss her latest thriller WHAT NEVER HAPPENED.

It’s murder in paradise as a woman uncovers a host of secrets off the rocky California coast in a gripping novel of suspense by New York Times and Wall Street Journal-bestselling author Rachel Howzell Hall.

Colette “Coco” Weber has moved to her Catalina Island home, where, twenty years before, she was the sole survivor of a deadly home invasion. All Coco wants is to see her aunt Gwen, get as far away from her ex as possible, and get back to her craft—writing obituaries. Thankfully, her college best friend, Maddy, owns the local paper and has a job sure to keep Coco busy, considering the number of elderly folks who are dying on the island.

But as Coco learns more about these deaths, she quickly realizes that the circumstances of them are remarkably similar…and not natural. Then Coco receives a sinister threat in the mail: her own obituary.

As Coco draws connections between a serial killer’s crimes and her own family tragedy, she fears that the secrets on Catalina Island might be too deep to survive. Because whoever is watching her is hell-bent on finally putting her past to rest.

Rachel has a certifiable hit on her hands, and as you read, you'll quickly see just how she skyrocketed to the top of her genre, making her a New York Times bestselling author.

On today's show we discuss a multitude of issues: race, respect, honoring family, and of course, we have to inject some humor from time to time; just wait until you hear about one of our favorite snacks!

To learn more about the lovely and talented Rachel, visit: RachelHowzell.com and be sure to follow her on Twitter @RachelHowzell

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