Ted Bell New York Times Bestselling Author Returns
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Ted Bell New York Times Bestselling Author Returns

Welcome to another episode of The Thriller Zone, I’m your host David Temple. I’m really stoked because we have a return guest—one of our favorites—Ted Bell.

Listen in as we discuss his latest Alex Hawke thriller, SEA HAWKE…a myriad of ideas including some of a more personal nature…oh, and an added bonus? You’ll meet his beautiful and brilliant Countess Victoria, as she sets up the show.

Along the way, we talk about our favorite James Bond films, the recent departure of Daniel Craig as 007, as well as a litany of high-tech toys all the boys in the audience will drool over.

Speaking of high-tech gadgets like Alex Hawke loves, you’ll be excited to hear who he has in mind (read: dreams of hiring) to play Alex Hawke in the film adaptation of his book(s).

We’ll also discuss one of our favorite pastimes—tasty cocktails, we’ll hear a cool story about his friendship with James Patterson, and get an inside peek at what he’s got up his sleeve next.

Then, as we wrap the show Ted shares sage advice as a 16-time NYT bestseller, and does smashingly during a game of Rapid Fire Questions!

That and even more on the 34th Episode of The Thriller Zone.


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