The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast #3 featuring: The Poser Audiobook
The Thriller ZoneAugust 24, 2021x
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The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast #3 featuring: The Poser Audiobook

Welcome to the third BONUS EPISODE of THE THRILLER ZONE Podcast, featuring The Poser.

Earlier this month, I decided to offer some additional thriller entertainment to my listeners with a work of my own.

Last year I released the mystery/thriller The Poser, based upon my character, Hollywood Detective Pat Norelli, and shortly after, I released its audiobook (available here).

And the idea is simple and free!

For the remaining Tuesdays of August, I’m offering the audiobook in four, 25-chapter long sections FREE!

Each audiobook portion is around 2 hours, making the entire book just under 9 hours. As I said, I’m calling these four episodes The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast. I hope you enjoy.

So, prepare for your long drive or cross-country flight, and whether it's an all-nighter, or just a leisurely walk, kick back and enjoy the next 25 chapters of The Poser, starring rookie Detective Pat Norelli; chapters 51-75, to be exact.

By the way, while this audiobook is free for you and to share with friends, I'd only ask that you not "copy & repurpose for your financial gain."

Thank you & enjoy!

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