Wanda M. Morris, author of Any Where You Run
The Thriller ZoneOctober 27, 2022x
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Wanda M. Morris, author of Any Where You Run

On today's 102nd Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm honored to have the lovely and brilliant author Wanda M. Morris behind our microphones for the second time.

Wanda is one of those people the minute you meet her, you feel as though you've known her all your life. She's kind, gracious, approachable, and a mad talented writer.

Not only that, and besides the fact you'll really learn something listening to this podcast, she makes you feel GOOD. She does that for me, anyway.

On today's episode she shares what life for a Black woman in the early '60's was like. And if you don't walk away with your heart strings pulled, then I wonder if there's a heart beating in your chest.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy this episode from a gal you're going to be hearing from for DECADES to come, I guarantee it!

To learn more, visit: WandaMorrisWrites.com.

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