Aaron Philip Clark, author of Under Color Of Law
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Aaron Philip Clark, author of Under Color Of Law

Yes, it's raining in The Thriller Zone Green Room!!

Thriller writer, Aaron Philip Clark, has a rich history in education and law enforcement. And that, along with his passion for storytelling, comes alive in his latest thriller, UNDER COLOR OF LAW.

On today's 56th Episode of TheThrillerZone, Aaron and I dig deep into the racially-charged story about black rookie cop Trevor "Finn" Finnegan, as he aspires to become a top-ranking officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. As he attempts to "fix" a broken department, he is soon faced with challenges he would never have dreamed of.

Join Aaron and me as we talk about this story, his life as a teacher, his past life in the police academy, and what living his dream of thriller writing looks and feels like today.

I was introduced to Aaron by a mutual friend, and I’m so thrilled we met. Why? First of all, he’s a terrific talent; which every page of his thriller will reveal. Second, he’s a super nice guy I find myself cheering for, not only through the telling of his fictional story, but for his real life story. You’ll have to listen to learn more.

His thriller, published by Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer, rivals other authors in this genre; Michael Connelly is the first that comes to mind.

One of my favorite takeaways from the show is when I ask him about his advice to up and coming writers. I won’t take away from it here, but trust me when I say, it’s a “pearl of wisdom” you can capture with your mind, and let it live in your heart as reality.

To learn more, visit his website at: aaronphilipclark.com and follow him on Twitter @_WriteMeAWorld.


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