Andrew Child, author of NO PLAN B
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Andrew Child, author of NO PLAN B

Today, we celebrate an epic milestone, as we launch our 100th Episode of The Thriller Zone. Woo-Hoo! Yeah, we're stoked!

Who better to help celebrate the "Mighty 100" but the co-author of one of the most iconic thriller franchises in the world: Jack Reacher. Yes, Andrew Child and brother Lee Child have penned yet another page-turning thriller in NO PLAN B.

On today's show, we dig deep on what makes this franchise the success it is. We also learn, thanks to the free-flowing thoughts of Andrew, some of the best advice I've heard since I began this podcast.

Perhaps it's because I'm not that crazy about following rules, or the fact how I've often forged my own path, but when I heard "Ignore the rules," I knew I had a friend in Andrew Child.

Andrew, who also writes under his given name of Andrew Grant, peels back the layers on the publishing business, what it takes to create a winning franchise, what it's like to write with his older brother, Lee, and so much more.

If you enjoy (a) page-turning thrillers, from (b) authors who know how to craft stories that waste no time getting to the point, and (c) enjoy hearing the "inside scoop" on the writing business (and finding one's personal motivation), then You Are In For A Treat!

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Finally, THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU for joining me and Andrew, along with all the fans who have helped make #TheTZ not only one of the most listened to podcasts about thriller fiction, but one of the fastest growing podcasts in the world!

...and BIG CHEERS to the next 100!!

David Temple, host of The Thriller Zone