Avanti Centrae Promo
The Thriller Zone is on YouTubeMarch 22, 202200:01:43

Avanti Centrae Promo

On Thursday's episode of The Thriller Zone, I'll be joined by International Bestselling author, Avanti Centrae, where we will discuss her latest thriller, The Doomsday Medallion.

Described as "The Da Vinci Code meets Tomb Raider," you'll get a taste of this action-packed, high-stakes journey through a roller-coaster thrill ride that provides a "mashup" of historical suspense and political thriller.

Watch now, then join us on 3.24 for Avanti Centrae.

To learn more visit: AvantiCentrae.com, Follow on Twitter @avanticentrae or Instagram @avanti.centrae.author, or simply go to: Vanops.net