Brad Thor, NYTimes Bestselling Author of Rising Tiger
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Brad Thor, NYTimes Bestselling Author of Rising Tiger

Unless you've been lost in a cave, or sleeping under a rock for the past decade, I'm sure you know the name Brad Thor. Brad is one of the more prolific authors of our time, and the creator of the Scot Harvath Series.

Some have called him, "The Undisputed King of the Genre," (Real Book Spy), while others have said this of his many books: "UN-Freaking-Believable," (The Crew Reviews), then there's, "An Amazing Thriller" says Fred Burton, and "Rising Tiger is ripped from tomorrow's headlines," says Wharton Journal Spectator.

Yes, I could go on for much longer, but instead, I'll simply say, "I have found Brad to be a thoughtful, engaging, gracious and masterful storyteller of the highest caliber. If someone offered a Master Class in writing military-inspired politically-charged ripped-from-headlines thrillers and the professor was Brad Thor, well, you couldn't take my money fast enough."

On today's 76th Episode, and the "Official Launch of Season Three of The Thriller Zone," I'm thrilled to welcome a guy who knows more than a thing or three about writing white-knuckle thrillers. And he's been doing it for several decades now.

With more than two dozen thrillers under his (very expensive and handsomely tailored exotic leather) belt, Brad shows no signs of slowing down. And his latest page-turner, RISING TIGER, is one of his very best.

His protagonist, and deadly operative Scot Harvath, faces down the country's most powerful enemy. Or as the jacket reads, "With democracy itself hanging in the balance, Harvath will risk everything to untangle the explosive plot and bring every bad actor to justice."

Join Brad and I as we talk about the hard work that it takes to make a propulsive thriller like Rising Tiger, learn Brad's "Secret Sauce for Success," as well as enjoy some light-hearted moments like his "Library/Lounge Office", his love of "Guy Toys," as well as our mutual love of antique typewriters, and so much more.

This podcast (and Vodcast on YouTube) promises to land in my "Top 10 Thriller Zone Episodes of the Year," and you'll soon see why.

To learn more, visit:, Follow him on Twitter @bradthor, on Instagram @realbradthor and Facebook @bradthorofficial.

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