David Pepper, author of A Simple Choice
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David Pepper, author of A Simple Choice

On today's 94th episode of The Thriller Zone, stellar author and political specialist David Pepper joins the show to talk about his latest thriller A Simple Choice.

Hillary Rodham Clinton says, "David Pepper has written another thriller ripped from the headlines."

Her husband, President Bill Clinton, says, "Pepper comes through again with this clever tale of how cyber sabotage of elections, coupled with highly concentrated ownership of traditional media operations, can undermine American democracy."

And I say, come on in, the thrillers are hot and the topics are interesting!

As backstory, David Pepper is the author of The Voter File, The People's House, The Wingman, and Laboratories of Autocracy. he earned his BA from Yale University, and his JF from Yale Law School. He has clerked for a judge on the United States Court of Appeals, served in local elected office in Ohio, worked for major law firms, and taught election and voting rights law. David served as Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party from 2015 to 2021.

To learn more and David, his background, and most importantly his books, visit: DavidPepper.com.

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