Eric Beetner, author of THERE AND BACK
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Eric Beetner, author of THERE AND BACK

On today's 118th episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to sit down with the multi-talented and prolific crime-thriller novelist, Eric Beetner.

Eric has a style that has some of the biggest names around shouting his praise. Meg Gardiner, author of Into The Black Nowhere says, "Last chances, double-crosses, and a cop who has to shoot his way out of a fortified skyscraper-what's not to love? ALL THE WAY DOWN rips!"

Publisher's Weekly says of Beetner's work, "[His] searing novel bulldozes its way from one scene to another in the print equivalent of a blockbuster action film."

And Crimespree Magazine says, "Eric once again proves that he is the one true master of the modern pulp novel."

WOW, right? With those sorts of accolades, how can you NOT read his work.

Today, Eric and I chat building suspense, the contrasts of city with wilderness in his latest THERE AND BACK, as well as discuss what it would take to not only face the topic of his latest thriller, but what would one do when faced with a truth that must not be unearthed.

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