Joe Kenda, TV Host & Author of Killer Triggers
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Joe Kenda, TV Host & Author of Killer Triggers

On today's 104th Episode of The Thriller Zone, we kick off the month of November with TV Host of Homicide Hunters, and author of Killer Triggers, the world-renowned Joe Kenda.

With 387 murder cases spanning 23 years under his belt, with a success close rate of 92%, it's easy to see why Joe Kenda is more than just an average cop.

As a decorated Lieutenant, Joe has seen it all, as you'll hear in this up close and personal podcast.

*Please Note: There are a few "offensive words" used in the show, so if you're "sensitive" you've been warned!

In fact, never before, has The Thriller Zone offered so much REAL STORYTELLING of TRUE CRIMES in our one-and-a-half history. But that's about to change.

Because coming in 2023, The Thriller Zone will feature even MORE True Crime, as well as more "theatrical presentations" of entertaining podcasts.

Stay tuned for an even BIGGER and BETTER Thriller Zone in 2023, but until then, find a comfy chair, pour a tasty beverage--unless of course you're driving--and settle in for some Rock Solid Storytelling from The Master of True Crime.

Hell, two TV shows, two books and an illustrious career should just about say it all, right?



To learn more about Joe just look him up on Google, because he doesn't have a website. Neither does he want one. But buy his damn book. It's that good. It's on sale wherever you buy books.

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David Temple, your host