Joshua Hood, author of The Treadstone Transgression

Joshua Hood, author of The Treadstone Transgression

When you meet Josh, aka @joshuahoodbooks, you don't initially know if he's angry, super-focused, or thinking about something else. Then, as you unwrap the conversation, you'll see he's a thoughtful, introspective, and guy who has a mad talent to write.

On Episode #64 of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to spend just a tad over an hour speaking with this driven, opinionated, and (again) talented young man.

He's served his country in the 82nd Airborne, as a sniper team leader on a SWAT Team in Memphis, he's been awarded the lifesaving medal for an act of heroism in the face of danger, and when he's not doing all that...he's tending to his young son Jake, and daughter Marlow.

Do me a favor; heck, do us both a favor, and carve out an hour to hear Josh's thoughts on what it takes to craft a successful writing career, and what it was like to be offered the job of writing a Robert Ludlum book, carrying on the legacy of one of the greatest thriller writers in the world.

But most impressive? Could be the discussions on his observations on the mind's ability to adapt to change, the topic of "neuroplasticity," what he reads in his spare time (when not writing thrillers), and what his protagonist ADAM HAYES is doing in his latest thriller, THE TREADSTONE well as what he's got up his "tatted sleeves" next!

For more info on Josh, visit: and follow him on Twitter @joshuahoodbooks.

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