Lexie Elliott, author of Bright and Deadly Things.
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Lexie Elliott, author of Bright and Deadly Things.

On today's 120th Episode of The Thriller Zone, a bonus episode we might add, I'm happy to welcome the lovely and talented Lexie Elliott, author of Bright and Deadly Things.

Lexie is the author of three other smash hits: How To Kill Your Best Friend, The Missing Years, and her debut, The French Girl.

This week she lights up the charts with her latest psychological thriller that The Guardian calls "Uncannily creepy," and Pop Sugar calls "Utterly unnerving and completely engrossing."

Perhaps what sets Lexie apart from other authors is her ability to write novels so distinctive many say her work is in a class of their own.

I sat down with the charming Scottish author to discuss how her career in investment banking, her education that includes an undergrad degree AND a Phd in physics, both from Oxford, along with her lifelong penchant for exercise help her "write what she knows."

I hope you'll enjoy our off-the-beaten path chats about swimming the English Channel, our mutual love of tea (hers is much more profound), and what it's like balancing the life of Mother, Wife, Athlete, and Author.

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