Lucy Clarke, author of The Hike
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Lucy Clarke, author of The Hike

On today's 143rd episode of The Thriller Zone, we're delighted to welcome the talented and charming Lucy Clarke, author of The Hike.

Lucy has eight destination novels under her writing belt including: The Sea Sisters, A Single Breath, No Escape, Last Seen, You Let Me In, The Castaways, One Of The Girls, and now The Hike. Lucy's novels have sold over a million copies and are published in more than 25 territories worldwide.

The Castaways is currently being filmed on location in Fiji and Greece, with BAFTA award-winner Sheridan Smith playing the lead role as Lori. The five-part series is due for release on Paramount+ in 2024. One of the Girls is also in development for screen. No Escape was a hit thriller was optioned by Hollywood and now lives as a Limited Series airing on Paramount+

When Lucy isn't away on research trips, she can be found writing from a beach hut on the south coast of England, and lives with her husband and their two children. To learn more visit:

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