Mark Greaney, NYTimes Bestselling Author of BURNER
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Mark Greaney, NYTimes Bestselling Author of BURNER

On today's 121st episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome New York Times Bestselling author of BURNER, his latest thriller in the Gray Man Series.

Yes, his Gray Man became a film starring Ryan Gosling. Yes, he's written 23 page-turning, non-stop action thrillers that have amazed and enthralled readers around the world. And yes, Mark "Gray Man" Greaney is on #TheTZ.

Today, we discuss many topics: #family #guns #thrillers #violence #safetyfirst #writing #writingcommunity #thrillers, #thrillermovies, #audiobooks #sigsauer #glock and much more.

Mark shares with us his very best writing advice. It's something you should hear, absorb, and practice...every single day. Trust me, it sounds super simple (and it is, in theory), but to carry it out every day; that's the challenge.

But my challenge to you is: IF you FINISH whatever it is you're writing, after making it the very best you can, THEN you will be on your way to being one step closer to being the best writer you can be.

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