Michael Dolan, Publisher at Winding Road Stories
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Michael Dolan, Publisher at Winding Road Stories

On today's BONUS episode, 144th to be exact, we're so very pleased to welcome fan and friend Michael Dolan, Publisher at Winding Road Stories.

Besides being a terrific guy who's a legend in the publishing business, Mike has a vast network of connections, an in-depth knowledge of all things publishing, and a keen insight and talent for spotting those up-and-comer authors who are primed for stardom.

On this episode, it's fun to speak with someone from New York because, like most all New Yorkers, Mike shoots it straight. Pulling no punches, he gives valuable insights all of us authors are looking for to navigate the waters of publishing.

While Mike is a traditional independent publisher, he shares solid knowledge of the self-publishing world as well.

To learn more visit: WindingRoadStories.com

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