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Mullin & Mabry 1

On today’s 31st episode of The Thriller zone, join me in welcoming the writing powerhouse duo of Mullin & Mabry, the latest members of our "Two-Guests-Per-Week of our Thanks-For-Giving-Your-Support to our Show" Month. Guess that makes it a double-double special, huh?

Join Steph, Nicole and me as chat about their latest hit, THE FAMILY TREE, a book that New York Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner says, “Keeps the shocks coming right up to the climatic end.” Now, let's you and I get in THE THRILLER ZONE!


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Also, here are just a few things we learned and wanted to share with you, compliments of Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry.

First of all, we totally dig the following people & their craft:

Megan Collins, Author of The Family Plot

PJ Vernon, Author of Bath Haus

Andrews-Wilson, Duo Authors of WEB Griffin Series, Tier One, Sons of Valor, Dark Intercept

Eric Bishop, Newly Published Author of The Body Man

Stephen King…uh, you know him

Here are a few places that figure into today's discussion: Queens, NY & Charlotte, NC, Lake Tahoe and the Greek Islands

Nicole was drinking: Austin Eastciders Rose Cider. Steph prefers: the Blood Orange flavor. You can get it at TotalWine&More. Just give me a San Diego Craft Beer (I like 'em all)

We discovered more details about TIK-TOK  David was challenged to create some stuff; let's see what happens!

PSSST: Listen closely and you Mullin-Mabry fans will get to hear the title of their upcoming 2022 release

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