New York Times Bestselling Author, John Gilstrap
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New York Times Bestselling Author, John Gilstrap

Today, New York Times Bestselling Author John Gilstrap joins The Thriller Zone to chat up his latest #VictoriaEmerson #thriller: #BlueFire.

With 24 books to his credit, two series, a collection of short stories & novellas, and a YouTube Channel where he helps up-and-coming writers learn some of the nuts & bolts of the business, John shows no signs of slowing down.

In this episode, we have a blast. Sure we talk his books, his methods of crafting engaging thrillers, but we also manage to work in conversations about our favorite cocktails; yes, there is a difference between vodka & gin when ordering a Martini); we discover some of John's new & upcoming releases, and, most importantly, his writing process.

In fact, with nearly 25 bestsellers to his credit, I'm particularly thrilled how he shares what he calls his "Secret To Success."

This 42nd Episode promises to entertain, enlighten & encourage. And bonus: you'll enjoy some great laughs along the way!

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