Nicole Baart New York Times Bestselling Author
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Nicole Baart New York Times Bestselling Author

Today marks the first episode of this week in our Two-Shows-a-Week for the entire month of Happy Thanks-for-giving-your support November.

Last Monday, we spoke with William Boyle, and Friday, our guest was William Kent Krueger. This Monday we welcome both Nicole Baart and then on Friday, we welcome newcomer, Eric Bishop.

I’m feeling confident you’ll love today’s podcast as New York Times Bestselling Author Nicole Baart shares with her several nifty inside tips to getting noticed, published and an agent.

Hey, it’s a tough business and not that easy to get attention, but Nicole helps those of us who are writers navigate the waters.

Without any further ado, let’s talk with Nicole and her much anticipated book EVERYTHING WE DIDN’T SAY right here on The Thriller Zone.

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