Paul Vidich, author of The MatchMaker
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Paul Vidich, author of The MatchMaker

After spending two illustrious decades in the Music & Entertainment business, our guest today chose to retire early and follow his dream of writing.

Paul Vidich, author of The Mercenary, The Coldest Warrior, An Honorable Man, The Good Assassin joins us today to discuss his latest Cold War Spy Thriller, THE MATCHMAKER.

With comparisons to John le Carre, Graham Green and Eric Ambler you'll quickly discover how this young man has a bright career still ahead of him.

On today's 52nd Episode of The Thriller Zone, Paul shares a number of riveting stories, both from his past--as one of the key negotiators in the Steve Jobs & Apple Music story, to how he left a lucrative career of more than twenty years to chase a dream he wanted desperately from a young age.

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