PJ Vernon, the thriller author of BATH HAUS
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PJ Vernon, the thriller author of BATH HAUS

Today's guest on The Thriller Zone is thriller writer, PJ Vernon. His latest book, BATH HAUS, is a taught, nerve-wracking thriller, that will have you wondering WTH right up to nearly the end.

While it is gay-themed (as a bit of a warning), it's a terrific story, and is chock full of everything you want in a thriller: mystery, intrigue, murder, tension, sex, and nasty, yet always alluring, characters.

This is the second novel from this relatively new writer, but you can be certain you'll be hearing much more from him.

As you'll quickly learn, PJ is upbeat, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining. By the end of the scant hour, you'll likely be left wanting more; more books, and more of his life stories.

I had a blast, and I hope you will too. If after watching, you'd like to learn more, just visit: PJVernonBooks.com and follow him on Twitter @pjvernonbooks.

There are many uber-talented people who were mentioned on this video, and I'd like to acknowledge them and invite them to the show:

John Fontana, SVP Creative Director, Doubleday @ Random House (NYC) and the book cover designer for Bath Haus
Bahni Turpin, Audiobook Narrator-When You Find Me
Amy McFadden, Audiobook Narrator-When You Find Me
Michael Crouch, Audiobook Narrator-Bath Haus
Daniel Henning, Audiobook Narrator-Bath Haus

Special Thanks to:
May Cobb for introducing me to PJ; I can't wait for us to go "Pontoonin' with cocktails in our solo-cups!"

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Be sure to join me next week when CHRISHAUTY.com will be my special guest. Chris is the author of the thrillers: DEEP STATE, SAVAGE ROAD and the upcoming STORM RISING (Coming 5.22).


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