Scott Blackburn, author of IT DIES WITH YOU
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Scott Blackburn, author of IT DIES WITH YOU

Episode #59 brings to The Thriller Zone one of the most fun (in the South, we call it "funnest") shows to date.

Today, we welcome Scott Blackburn and his debut thriller IT DIES WITH YOU, a story about a washed up boxer who returns to his hometown to take a gig as a bouncer at a dive bar. That's when life delivers him another hook to the jaw: his estranged father, Leland, has been murdered in what appears to be a robbery gone bad at his salvage yard, Miller's Pull-A-Part.

It's a searing literary debut that explores the dangerous world of secrets threatening to upend a rural Southern town, and is a read perfect for fans of David Joy and Brian Panowich, who says..."Blackburn writes with the same ferocity as Hammett and James M. Cain."

As for this podcast host? I say it's, "Damn good writing." Moreover, I enjoyed the hell out of our time together.

Join me and Scott as we talk: writing, querying agents, goal setting, and even babies'n diapers. But mostly, it's the chat about collard greens, fried chicken, Kernersville BBQ, and Cheerwine that brings memories of my childhood flooding back with reckless abandon.

As you're sure to hear, my Southern roots return as my childhood accent gets uncovered (dang all those years in radio that squelched my drawl). It's a buncha fun you don't wanna miss!

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