Simon Gervais, author of The Blackbriar Genesis
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Simon Gervais, author of The Blackbriar Genesis

We are "this close" to hitting 100 episodes. But until we do, we have the super-talented thriller writer, Simon Gervais on Today's 99th episode of The Thriller Zone.

Simon is just one of the latest writers in the Robert Ludlum thriller franchise, and he shows his stuff in this white-knuckle thriller that will keep you turning pages until deep into the night. Or nights.

The Blackbriar Genesis is part of the Jason Bourne world, but with a new twist!

Listen as Simon and I break down what it takes to make a genuine thriller, what to do when searching for an agent, how to keep the reader stuck to the pages, and much more.

Come for his advice, stay for his accent. Simon is a terrific guy, a masterful talent, and someone I can now call friend.

You're going to love these 45 minutes of insights and laughs, and I trust you'll take away a few truths that will help you in your writing journey. And if you're simply someone who loves having a "Front-row Seat To The Best Thriller Writers In The World"...then you've come to the right place.

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