Stephen Hunter, New York Times Bestselling Author
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Stephen Hunter, New York Times Bestselling Author

On today’s 48th episode of The Thriller Zone, it’s my distinct honor to welcome Stephen Hunter who is not only a New York Times Bestselling author, but a Pulitzer Prize Winner—which we’ll discuss inside the show.

And if you’ve ever heard or read about Bob Lee Swagger, then you likely know these books:
-Point of Impact—the one that started it all and became the film Shooter
-Black Light
-Time to Hunt
-The 47th Samurai
-Night of Thunder
-I, Sniper
-Dead Zero
-The Third Bullet
-Sniper’s Honor
-Game of Snipers
-And his latest, Targeted

Stephen also has 3 Earl Swagger books, 2 Ray Cruz books, EIGHT Standalone novels, and 3 Non-Fiction Books—two of which are a complication of essays on movies.

And given his Pulitzer Prize was for Criticism, it’s easy to see why the books are so good.

The last thing I’ll mention is that Stephen gives my listeners and viewers his succinct and powerful “6 Key Words For Creating A Successful Writing Career.”

Stephen's pretty old school, so don't spend much time searching him out on a website or social media. Instead, just go to one of your favorite places you buy books and pick up a few. Trust me, you'll be hooked.

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