T.R. Hendricks, debut author of The Instructor
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T.R. Hendricks, debut author of The Instructor

T. R. Hendricks is the debut author of the military thriller, The Instructor. From the opening line to the last page, you know you're in the hands of an up-and-coming thriller master.

Join me on today's 128th episode of The Thriller Zone, your front-row seat to the very best thriller writers in the world, for fiction, television and film.

Tim and I talk about the book, of course, but we also dig into this background as former United States Army captain who served as tank platoon leader, then as a military intelligence officer, where he was an advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior's National Information and Intelligence Agency.

We talk about survival, the tools of survival, and during the "fun & games" portion of the podcast, take those topics in our popular "Rapid Fire Questions."

We also get to learn a thing or two about tools of the (survival) trade, as evidenced in StatGearTools.com (a universal knife and handy tool kit), and FerroFire.com (for a ferro rod striking kit). No, I receive nothing for sharing this, just helping people out who run businesses.

Before you finish this podcast, I hope you'll take a minute to think about what Tim, and many other men and women of our various military services do on a daily basis: defend and protect our lives, as we live in a land of freedom. I never take this for granted, and I'm sure you don't either.

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Authenticity in Writing
0:23:14 - 0:25:24 (130 Seconds)

"-- I my biggest fear as an author is an Air Force veteran picking up the book and, like, I'm talking specifically about the sequel now, but, like, in picking up the book and and going, that that's no. That's completely wrong. I would like, you know, that would never happen or, you know, survival, people that are interested in wilderness survival and hiking and camping and everything. Like, you know, no, that's that's completely wrong. He made that up. This guy obviously lives in the city and hasn't experienced the night out in the woods ever in his life. Which isn't far from the truth. Like, I I don't regularly get out into the woods. I'm not a survival expert, but I am a very good research. And I do have primary source friends who are survival experts that were willing to lend some of those details And that's where they merge together with the writing is, okay, I can I can take these seemingly innocuous points of the shirt, the the Anandaga shirt, which is, you know, something I research with with a friend telling me about how to make a stone knife, you know, with precaution napping? And I can blend that into the story. And I don't have to necessarily know it. Like, I'm never gonna know everything. I'm not gonna be a thirty year survival expert, you know -- Right. -- who who built his own TP out in the back. Right. You know, woods of Arizona or anything. So you're never gonna get to that level, but could a survival expert pick up my novel and be like, Okay. This guy is he did enough research and put in enough details in the right places to be convincing."

Survival Skills vs. Rambo BS
0:26:18 - 0:27:19 (61 Seconds)

"We mentioned before the breakdown that we were talking about survival skills. So I feel like I already know the answer, but I'm gonna ask anyway, how much of the pure survival skills are on point, as I say, meaning no movie influenced Rambo BS. But I mean, like, how much percentage wise roughly of because there's a this thing is packed full of survival skills. You could almost read this book and go, if you pick me up and threw me in the wilderness, I could almost get out of it alive. Okay? Yeah. Sure. I mean, well, thank you for that. That's that's a compliment. Like we said earlier, you know, that's thE authenticity I like to go for. So and I love hearing that. I love hearing that from readers. I'm like, oh, I can't wait to grab my backpack and go hiking now, but I read your book. I'm like, just so don't, you know, go out into the woods, you know, where they have to send search and rescue after you, you know, because I don't want anybody putting that on me."