David Darling, author of Edge Of Time
The Thriller ZoneApril 21, 2023x
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David Darling, author of Edge Of Time

David Darling is an up-and-coming author, with several books under his belt, including the latest reality-bending thriller, Edge Of Time. He has been self-publishing for some time, now has an agent, and is "this close" to getting his career going.

On today's 129th BONUS Episode of The Thriller Zone, David and I talk about his latest book, of course, but we also talk about life in Canada, his time of service in the Army, what it takes to be a writer today, his routine (read: substantial self-discipline), and much more.

We discuss the "1,000,000 Words" aka 10,000 hour "rule" that many promote, as a way to gauge one's preparation for success. And along the way, we get his take on what it takes to be a success.

All in all, it's a good time. David is a Thriller Zone fan, and he has always shown his support in so many ways. I suppose that's one of the reasons, besides his talents, I wanted to carve out some time with him.

You'll enjoy his down-home approach, and clever sense of humor. And I hope you'll enjoy the bit of "Random Thoughts" I share at the very start of the show. I suppose it's a reflection of just one of the many ways I look forward to "broadening the scope" of this podcast. Let me know what you think, okay?

To learn more about David, visit his website: DavidDarlingBooks.com, take a look around, and consider helping a creative guy who loves to write. His book drops on 4.25.

I'm David Temple, host of TheThrillerZone.com, and I thank you for listening.

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