New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow of City of Dreams
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New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow of City of Dreams

Welcome to one of the best podcast episodes of 2023. Why? Because my guest is the multi-award-winning New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow. With nearly two dozen novels under his belt, many of which have experienced international best-seller status, Don has spent a better part of 30 years honing his immense writing craft.

With the debut of his "City Trilogy," which includes last year's smash hit, "City on Fire," followed up this year with "City of Dreams," the only thing left to do is to wrap the trifecta of narrative fiction tastiness with his "City In Ruins" that will release in 2024.

But for now, I sit down with Don to spend an hour talking about his various series, many of which I've read, and my listeners have enjoyed for the past several decades. We discuss the art of writing, the writing community, what it takes to be a successful writer, and his best suggestions on crafting winning thrillers.

Plus, perhaps some of the biggest news to cross our desks: Oscar-nom Austin Butler has been contracted to play Danny Ryan, the lead in the City Trilogy. Austin will likewise produce, alongside Don and his long-time friend and agent, Shane Salerno of The Story Factory.

We also share a mutual passion for Jazz, and discuss that, as well as our love of New York City, both past and present; our appreciation of taking the time to do whatever it takes to make the very best product possible, and we discuss our mutual love of Los Olas Mexican Restaurant (an Encinitas/Cardiff mainstay).

In the fun-and-games section of our show, called "Rapid Fire Questions" we learn what makes Don tick, as it pertains to his preference for writing (tools, music, and technique). And wait'll you hear whose three guests he would invite with him and Jean to dinner with Tammy and myself.

All in all, I had a simply sublime time with a man whom I greatly admire, and am both humbled and honored to call "friend." And as I say near the end of the show, I consider him one of the most significant writers of my generation.

To learn more about Don, visit his website at: Follow him on Twitter @donwinslow, on Instagram  @DonWinslowFilms and on Facebook @donwinslowauthor.

If you haven't read his earlier work, allow me to share here:

City of Dreams, City on Fire, Broken, The Border, The Force, The Cartel, The Kings of Cool, Satori, The Gentleman’s Hour, Savages, The Dawn Patrol, The Winter of Frankie Machine, The Power of the Dog, Looking for a Hero (non-fiction co-written with Peter Maslowski), California Fire and Life, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Isle of Joy, and 5 books in the Neal Carey Mystery Series to include: While Drowning In The Desert, A Long Walk Up The Water Slide, Way Down on the High Lonely, The Trail to Buddha’s Mirror, A Cool Breeze on The Underground.

As mentioned in the show, congrats to Blackstone Publishing for resurrecting his Neal Carey Series, soon to be re-released later this year, as part of the series' 30-Year Anniversary.

Special Mentions:
•THANK YOU to mutual friend, Shane Salerno of The Story Factory, for arranging Don's appearance. I deeply admire all that you do.

•Thanks to Warwick's Bookstore (La Jolla, CA) for everything you do to provide our community such a terrific place to learn & discover authors.

•Thanks to Blackstone Publishing/Audio, who finds and mentors spectacular authors with immense talent. And THANK YOU for taking a chance on this content creator by managing part of my library of work (excited to announce soon).

•Thanks to my wonderful audience who takes time from their busy lives to spend an hour of their time with a guy who simply loves the art of conversation, hoping to inspire & entertain my listeners; without you, I'm talking to myself in a room.

•Thanks to Don for expanding my mental universe with such sublimely crafted characters, each of whom I'll never forget; your storytelling ability is vast and deep, and I'm grateful to The Universe for merging our paths.

•Last, thanks to my wife, Tammy, who loves and supports me and my dreams; this Adventure Of A Lifetime wouldn't be possible without YOU!

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