Kelly J. Ford, author of Real Bad Things
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Kelly J. Ford, author of Real Bad Things

On today's Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, Kelly J. Ford visits to talk about her latest Southern Noir Thriller, Read Bad Things.

Since we're both from the South, her from Arkansas and me from North Carolina, we instantly slipped into a comfortable spot behind the mic.

What I like best about Kelly is what you see is what you get. I've always been drawn to people who are real and don't put on airs. She's the real deal, and I have a very solid feeling that she'll do just fine in this writing world.

Listen to about halfway through, as she allows me to read the opening of her book. It's beautiful, poetic, and although somber, has real visceral feelings inside.

Then, along about 3/4 of the way in, we start talking about her influences. And there are many. We also cover her best writing advice; again, something any aspiring writer should hear.

In the end, it feels like we'd known one another for decades. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if one day we'll gather around a campfire, along with a few bottles of wine (or a handful of gummies), and tell some tall tales.

Take an hour, kick your shoes off, and rest a spell, while you listen to two new friends have a bit of fun chatting. To learn more about Kelly, visit: and follow her on Twitter @Kelly_J_Ford

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