Shanti Hershenson, author of NEVERDYING
The Thriller ZoneAugust 16, 2022x
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Shanti Hershenson, author of NEVERDYING

On today's special "squeeze-in bonus episode," it's my pleasure to welcome Shanti Hershenson to The Thriller Zone.

Shanti, besides being the youngest author to grace The TZ airwaves, is quite likely one of the most prolific writers I've met...especially when you consider she's only 14. Not only that, she's been writing since she was 6!

If you're a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and enjoy hearing from new & up-and-coming authors, AND you enjoy supporting new talent who is excited about their craft, then you're going to love getting to know Shanti and learning of her novel, NEVERDYING.

With interests that also include skateboarding, falconry, and reading poetry at open mic nights, Shanti shows a breadth of interests that will no doubt influence her writing career.

To learn more, visit: (and yes, she even built her own website).

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