Kyle Mills, author of Code Red
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Kyle Mills, author of Code Red

On today's 148th episode of The Thriller Zone, we're thrilled to welcome New York Times bestselling author Kyle Mills.

Kyle is the superb author who took over the Vince Flynn legacy series of the Mitch Rapp stories. And today he speaks about his latest thriller CODE RED, and how he plans to hand off the series to another iconic author, Don Bentley.

If you're a fan of military-themed thrillers, then you no doubt are supremely aware of Kyle's masterful handling of Mitch Rapp.

This is taken from Kyle's website, as he shares some "Behind The Scenes" of the iconic series.

"Code Red was an interesting novel to conceptualize. Because I was considering making it my last entry in the series, I found myself looking back at where I’d been—from finishing the arc Vince started in The Last Man, to Mitch going toe-to-toe with an opponent who was nearly his equal, to the desperate race to stop a Russian invasion of Europe. Over my time guiding the series, the character has evolved from a man still enraged and frustrated by the death of his wife to someone who’s found the stability of a new family and maybe even a little peace.

In the meantime, America has endured a decade of violent geopolitical changes from both inside and outside its borders. The direct threat from Islamicists has given way to growing political dysfunction, an increasingly belligerent China, and advancing technology that seems to be careening out of control.

What’s Mitch Rapp’s role in this new reality?

In the end, I decided it wasn’t my place to find out. I wanted to leave Mitch’s new custodian a solid platform to launch from without locking him into any particular course.

This gave me the opportunity to end with a stand-alone adventure that puts Mitch back in Arab territory but with a few modern twists. The goal was to tip my hat to Vince’s earlier books by creating an operation that involves a lot of fireworks and returns Mitch to his roots.

Which brings my era to a close. It’s hard not to feel a little sadness, but I’m excited to move forward with my Fade series. While I’ll miss writing about Mitch and the gang, I’m really looking forward to going back to reading about them." -Kyle Mills

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