Mark Langley, Author of When Silence Screams
The Thriller ZoneJune 02, 2022x
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Mark Langley, Author of When Silence Screams

On today's 68th Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to welcome mystery-thriller novelist Mark Edward Langley.

Mark's story about trafficking, is led by Arthur Nakai, a new Private Investigator in New Mexico. His three novels are: Path of the Dead, Death Waits in the Dark, and When Silence Screams; all part of the Arthur Nakai Series.

On this podcast, Mark and I discuss life in New Mexico, the process of researching to find the genuine sense of place. We discuss our hero writers we look up to, as well as the simple lessons we both have learned in order to make our writing careers all they can be.

To learn more about Mark and what he is up to, please visit:

You can also follow him on Twitter @MarkEdwardLang1 and Instagram @markedwardlangley.

Mark is also supporting, with a portion of his proceeds, the organization "Missing Murdered Indigenous Women" at Please consider making a donation, by way of a book purchase.

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