Frank Zafiro, author of The Ride Along
The Thriller ZoneMay 26, 2022x
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Frank Zafiro, author of The Ride Along

On today's 67th Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm pretty stoked to have Frank Zafiro on the podcast. Frank is a former cop, and current author, who's become not only a strong resource as I write my crime thrillers, but he's become a friend as well.

Frank shares a good many insights as to how he's been able to create such a prolific number of novels over the past handful of years.

We talk method, inspirations, procedurals, motivating factors, as well as audiobooks, and a lot more.

I promise you'll walk away learning something from today's show. And if you'd like to learn more about Frank, visit his website at: Follow him on Twitter @frank_zafiro or Instagram @frankzafiro370.

And as always, you can find us at, and follow us on both Twitter AND Instagram @thethrillerzone.

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