May Cobb, author of My Summer Darlings
The Thriller ZoneMay 19, 2022x
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May Cobb, author of My Summer Darlings

May Cobb was my Guest #1 on The Thriller Zone, when we launched in mid-June of last year ('21). The book she was promoting at the time was The Hunting Wives, a sultry and intoxicating thriller.

My Summer Darlings is another summertime scorcher, where the temps, like the libidos of three suburban gals, rise to a crescendo amidst the backdrop of suburban Texas.

On today's 66th Episode, we discuss a good many things, including the launch of her Texas-wide Book Tour, we dissect the "Multi-POV" of her thriller, as well as discuss her thoughts on "Pantsing vs. Plotting" - a reference to an author who "writes by the seat of their pants, or one that plots the beats into an extensive outline for a more cohesive structure."

Later in the show, May discusses , romance, , adultery, and oh, . On a more serious note, we discuss her thoughts on "higher education," and whether or not it's needed.

We touch on a mutually favorite book by Stephen King called "On Writing," a book many readers and writers in our audience have either read, or certainly have placed in their TBR stack. It's certainly in my Top 20 favorite (non-fiction) books of all time.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments comes when May shares her best piece of advice for would-be writers. "Writing in the stolen moments" is a terrific encouragement to those who think they need hours upon hours (in a non-stop fashion) in order to achieve a completed manuscript.

I think it's safe to say one of May's favorite moments comes when she imagines what her "antagonist" Will Harding would look like; that is, if she were to have a hand in casting him for the potentially upcoming television series (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?). Hint: Alexander Skarsgård.

Please make some time to get to know May if you don't already, and of course, please consider picking up a copy of My Summer Darlings, for a sizzlin' summertime read.

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