Mark Westmoreland debut author
The Thriller ZoneNovember 26, 2021x
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Mark Westmoreland debut author

Welcome to the 33rd episode of The Thriller Zone, I’m your host David Temple. On today’s show we welcome, Mark Westmoreland, an author who is brand new on the scene with a book author Peter Farris calls, “a rollicking old testament whoopin’.” That book? A Violent Gospel.

Mark shares a good many things, as well as bringing out the southern boy in me; hey, it’s hard to talk to someone from Georgia and not bring out the North Carolina accent.

Listen as we discuss southern thrillers, Burt Reynolds, the GA Dawgs, the many flavors of religion, fave beers, and the Pearly Gates.

It's gonna be a helluva lotta fun, so lets git to it, here on The Thriller Zone!

Learn more about Mark on Twitter @ItsMarkYall

Here are a few things you may want to research like Mark's fave tunes: The Dirty Guv'nahs; his fave reads: The Pride of Eden by Taylor Brown; his fave beer: Coors; and his favorite actor: (duh) Burt Reynolds.

Special mentions: Shotgun Honey & Down & Out Books

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