Sarah Pearse, NYTimes Bestselling author of The Retreat
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Sarah Pearse, NYTimes Bestselling author of The Retreat

On today's 82nd Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm very happy to welcome the lovely, charming, and mega-talented New York Times Bestselling Author and Reese Witherspoon Book Club Winner, Sarah Pearse.

Sarah not only has a unique way to "spin a yarn," but she has an engaging way to twist a story that leads you in one direction, only to redirect you another way.

When you meet her, you instantly adore her upbeat personality, while wondering how someone so nice could create such evil.

Join us as we chat about writing technique, what makes a propulsive thriller, how we both adore stories that grab us by the neck and drag us along for the ride.

Sarah also has terrific answers to my #RapidFireQuestions, which you've learned by now, aren't all that rapid, but are always a lot of fun, as they force the guest to think fast on their feet. I think this is part of the show that Sarah really enjoyed.

To learn more about Sarah, and her instant debut hit, The Sanitorium, as well as the follow up, The Retreat, visit:, and follow her on Twitter @SarahVPearse, and on both Instagram and Facebook @sarahpearseauthor.

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